Case study 1

Replacement of ACM cladding to 10 storey tower block

Take a look at our case study for our project development at East London, 20175:


  • 10 storey social housing block accommodating 60 flats
  • Non-compliant ACM cladding identified to north elevation with Celotex insulation beneath
  • High risk location flanking escape route AOVs
  • Identified solution which passed a full destructive test in accordance BS 8414-2 in August 2017
  • Prepared bespoke quality control documentation to reflect exact build-up, products and sequence for every stage
  • Floor-by-floor quality control documents, photographic records, and regular site audits have delivered a100% compliant end product
  • Local Authority and Building Control point to this as an exemplar in façade recladding
Randall House Cladding