Our Vision for Poplar Baths


12-09-04-1884-Poplar-Image-01 (4)Poplar Baths

170 East India Dock Road



A new exciting project, bringing leisure facilities to this grade II listed building

Our objective was to provide a programme of affordable, exciting sports and activities including: swimming, youth street fit, Zumba, yoga-bugs, football, trampoline, soft play, Gym & junior gym, martial arts, fencing, badminton, table tennis, tennis, gymnastics, dance, squash and cricket, to name a few.


As an experienced Leisure provider, we are well-renowned for helping to change customer’s lives and make them more active. The Gym programme for Poplar Baths focuses on helping customers build exercise into their busy lives and get results. The focus is on customers’ goals, the barriers to exercise and longer term behavioural change programmes.  The gym is highly interactive with a big emphasis on customer interaction. Staff are proactively encouraged to engage with customers and customers interact with each other through group exercise, women only sessions and community groups within the gym. We encourage like-minded people coming together to support each other to achieve results.  The gym is fully equipped, air-conditioned, multi-station gym offering a range of fitness equipment for everyone. Customers will be able to can choose from cardiovascular machines such as treadmills and rowers, resistance equipment including free weights and dedicated stretching areas.

Women and girls

Guildmore’s Leisure Operator is dedicated to providing accessible facilities and programming for women of all ages, ethnicities and beliefs. We have invested in creating a women’s only gym as well as providing a weekly programme of women’s activities and evenings including; badminton, basketball, football, dance, off-ice skating, swimming lessons and sauna and steam sessions.

Mother and children programmes – Tower Hamlets encourage mothers to attend an exercise class while their children are in their swimming class. This initiative allows both mothers and children to attend the leisure centre together and encourages healthier lifestyle for the whole family.

People with disabilities

Increasing participation of people with disabilities is one of our main priorities. Our Leisure Operator utilises disability networks to host sessions for people with disabilities of all types. They are members of the Disability Sports Network and work with The English Federation of Disability Sport. They have recently become an adopted agency for Inclusive and Active2 and are commissioning research into preferred activities and barriers for people with disabilities.  There is a wide range of activities on offer including: special educational needs martial arts, wheelchair basketball, amputee football, sessions for badminton players with visual impairments, Special Schools swimming galas and holiday programmes for disabled children and young people.