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POPLAR PRESS – 09.2015


September 2015

Ocean Estate and limehouse Fields Community Fun Day

Guildmore attended the Community Fun Day on 5th September at Sandy Park, Sandy Street, London, E1 4RW, organised by Tower Hamlets Council.

There were 350-400 local residents that turned up. Guildmore was proud to be among over 20 local statutory and community organisations, who attended to offer advice and support.

The aim of the Fun Day was to help local families by providing free food, children’s play, an entertainment area and more.

Guildmore distributed the free goody bags to residents and supported the community by providing information about the development of Haileybury Youth Centre and Dame Colet Housing. A representative from Guildmore was present to answer any question raised by local residents regarding the development


POPLAR PRESS 19.09.2014
Traffic Movement Sign Board: updated weekly
Week Commencing: 20.10.2014
Material deliveries rigid lorries (DC) + (HYC) + (PBR)
Steel deliveries artic (DC) + (PBR)
Cart-a-away lorries fixed rigid (DC) + (HYC) + (PBL) + (PBR)
Low loaders (plant movement) artic lorry (PBL) + (PBR)
POPLAR PRESS 22.09.2014

Traffic Movement Sign Board

The deliveries rigid lorries (DC) + (HYC) + (PBR)

Steel deliveries artic (DC)

Cart-a-away lorries fixed rigid (DC) + (HYC) + (PBL) + (PBR)

Low loaders (plant movement) artic lorry (PBL) + (PBR)


POPLAR PRESS 12.09.2014

Lilian Collins visits Poplar Baths

lilian CollinsWe were very pleased to welcome Lillian Collins, the Chair of the Poplar Baths Steering Group and long-time campaigner and supporter for the regeneration of Poplar Baths to site this week.  She was taken inside the Baths to see for herself the changes and progress we are making.  It was a delight to host Lillian and an inspiration to us all for her hard work and dedication shown over the past 11 years of campaigning.

POPLAR PRESS – 12.09.2014

Traffic Movement Sign Board

Week Commencing: 12.09.2014

Frequency moderate. Large vehicular movement throughout the rest of the week on a daily basis. This appies to Poplar Baths and Dame Colet sites.


POPLAR PRESS 01.09.2014

Traffic Movement Sign Board

Week Commencing: 01.09.14.

During the hours of 8am and 5pm, there will be moderate vehicle movement into and out of our two site entrances on Poplar Baths Street and Lawless Street.


POPLAR PRESS 22.08.2014




Our two bright new apprentices Jerome Bertram and Sadie Hall at Poplar Baths and Dame Colet developments make the news in the East London Advertiser. Download the article below.

Jerome Bertram and Sadie Hall – Jerome&Sadie pdf



Traffic Movement Sign Board

Week Commencing: 26.08.14.

During the hours of 8am and 5pm, there will be moderate vehicle movement into and out of our two site entrances on Poplar Baths Street and Lawless Street.


POPLAR PRESS 15.08.2014

Traffic Movement Sign Board

cache_29186552Latest news for this week









Guildmore helps apprentice to gain experience in the construction industry

Here’s a good story in the New Ham Recorder about Jerome Bertram, age 19, who has recently enrolled on the business and admin apprenticeship with Guildmore
















POPLAR PRESS 11.08.2014

Traffic Movement Sign Board
signbWeek Commencing : 11.08.14.  During the hours of 8am and 5pm, there will be moderate vehicle movement into and out of our two site entrances on Poplar Baths Street and Lawless Street.







POPLAR PRESS 01.08.2014

ff‘Eats and Beats’ at the Bite Street Food Festival at Chrisp Street Market – Friday 25th July’14 

Bite’s strapline ‘Putting food in your face since 2014’ is all about satisfying our inner foodie. The street food collective brought ‘eats and beats’ to Chrisp Street, featuring a range of quality street food traders, live music, a pop-up car, table tennis and giant games.

There was a fragrant array of stalls selling food from around the globe including : Moroccan, Caribbean, Indian, Peruvian and more. look through the stalls and you can see Poplar Baths and the Guildmore signage in the background. There was a real buzz to Chrisp Street market and a music stand was set up for local musicians and singers to take a turn singing songs of their choice to the passers by. Tables and chairs were set out for passers-by to sit down, relax, absorb the food aromas and enjoy the music.


POPLAR PRESS 18.07.2014

The garages on Lawless Street have gone

garagesDemolition has started around Poplar Baths in earnest. The destruction of the garages in Lawless Street and the ball court play area, known as MUGA (multi-use play area) has all taken place this week. The formation level excavation is progressing on target.





POPLAR PRESS – 07. 2014

Dame Colet staff and welfare cabins have arrived

This week saw the start of the soft strip of Haileybury Youth Centre, where all extra fixtures and fittings are removed.




POPLAR PRESS – 07. 2014

A big welcome to Jerome Bertran

Jerome Bertran, new Site Secretary for Dame Colet starts work on Monday 21 July. Carefully selected among many local candidates from Skillsmatch, the flagship job brokerage service for the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, Jerome will take part in the Guildmore Apprenticeship scheme.


POPLAR PRESS -07. 2014

Each tile is numbered

At Guildmore, we’re proud to be working alongside English Heritage on the restoration of Poplar Baths. Here, each carefully preserved tile from the walls around the old vapour baths is numbered in order to be taken down, protected and re-used in the project.




POPLAR PRESS – 07. 2014

A job of love

We’ve just jet-washed the stairs to reveal a stunning staircase of faux tiling. You can see here the craftmanship that went into these stairs leading down to the vapour baths. They were made from poured cement mixed with stones and quartz, then carefully cut back and polished. English Heritage have seen them and we will be preserving these. The pattern on the edge of the steps echoes the tiling design on the paving at the entrance to the Baths.



POPLAR PRESS – 11.07. 2014

BBC Radio London Interview with the Mayor

On 17th June’14,  we were delighted to welcome Mayor Lutfur Rahman and BBC Radio London to Poplar Baths where journalist Eddie Nestor interviewed the Mayor about his scheme to provide council homes and state-of-the-art youth centre and health facilities.  Our Project Manager, Stephen Bird was delighted to give a tour around the Baths, in order to gain a little more insight into this historic grade 11 listed building.

POPLAR PRESS – 07. 2014

Visit from “New London Architecture” event arranged by Tower Hamlets Council.

Tower Hamlets Council planners  jointly hosted a New London Architecture all day event at Canary Wharf followed by afternoon tour around the borough, including a visit to Polar Baths.

The tour group was 20 strong, led by Duncan Brown, Deputy Team Leader for Strategic Planning at London Borough of Tower Hamlets.  Again, our Project Manager, Stephen Bird accompanied an enthusiastic and very engaged group around the building.

POPLAR PRESS – 07. 2014

A visit from the London Museum of Water& Steam

Richard Albanese, from the London Museum of Water & Steam recently contacted Guildmore with a very interesting and unusual request with which we are very happy to oblige.

He asked if Guildmore would we willing to allow him to come and visit us, to view the redundant steam boilers, ancillary plant and any spares/fittings which were used to heat the laundry and pool facilities.

He went on to explain and here at Guildmore, we were all very excited to read his last sentence!

“We operate a World famous museum devoted to telling London’s water supply history, the main attraction of which centres around a collection of large steam powered pumping engines built in the 19th century. We demonstrate all of our engines working under steam regularly for our visitors and still operate boiler plant of similar vintage and design to that at Poplar. As a result we are always looking out for opportunities to rescue smaller items, spares etc which may be of use to us which can no longer be purchased new. We are experienced in the safe removal of large and heavy objects and machinery having done works to both for our museum and as contractors for others over many years. Please see our website for more information: www 

Poplar Baths effectively is now one of the very last sites of its kind containing equipment of this age and design in London.