Ratcliffe Cross Street

We have recently been appointed by Notting Hill Genesis to undertake the upcoming development at Ratcliffe Cross Street.


Over the course of the next two years there will be demolition and removal of the current coachworks building, together with the construction of 77 new residential units.

“Guildmore with ourDemolition partners Downwell Group have recently mobilised on site and have commenced the demolition activities.  These works will take approx. 12 weeks, after which the piling for the new buildings will take place.” Nikki Hamilton, Resident Liaison Officer, Guildmore

Demolition of the existing building at Site A and redevelopment to provide part 6 part 7 and part 8 storey residential building/block comprising of 56 flats ( 30 x 1 bed, 13 x 2 bed, 13 x 3 bed) with associated ground floor car park and cycle parking. Development of Site B to provide an 8 storey residential building/block comprising of 22 flats (8 x1 bed, 7 x 2 bed, 7 x 3 bed) with associated under croft car and cycle parking and protected roof top child play space.