Works are nearing completion at the Herron Walk development in George Lane, Catford for Axbridge Properties Limited.

The site located in south-east London, within the London Borough of Lewisham will see the construction of five new 3 bedroom houses along with one single 1 bedroom property.

Artists Impressions of the redevelopment

A word from Adrian Dimiati – Site Manager

“Herron Walk is developing nicely!  We are now well on the way with our Herron Walk development…The brickwork to all of the units is now complete along with all doors and windows being fitted.  Construction of the pitch and flat roofs are also complete which means we are now able to complete the erection of the trellis along the back of the development site. Over the next few weeks the service facilities and connections will be installed to all units.  The solar photovoltaic panels will be installed and we will start the process of constructing the green roofs, which includes laying grass, plants and wild flowers. Our development is scheduled for completion in early 2019.”

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