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Living in Mitcham 16.5.2019

– London commuter guide to Mitcham –

Thinking about living in Mitcham? When it comes to choosing the right place to live, it can be tricky to know where to start, when there are so many factors to consider. A good place to begin is to find out the speed and convenience of your commute to work.



Living in Catford 14.12.2018

– The green places of Catford that your dog will love –

Unfortunately, moving to London often means it can be difficult to keep a dog – London is not known for its plethora of green spaces! But in Catford, it is a different story entirely. Catford is surrounded by parks and lush green landscapes that is a haven for dogs! If you live in Catford and you are lucky enough to own a pup, you have much to chose from. This is by no means an extensive list, but here are some of our favourite green spaces surrounding the area.



Living in Mitcham 26.10.2018

–The Primary Schools of Mitcham

Photo credit: Metro

The South London suburb of Mitcham is increasingly becoming a popular area for young families to settle. With green spaces in abundance, quick routes to central London and reasonably priced housing, it’s a high contender for commuters who want a bit more for their money.





Living in Mitcham 19.02.2019

– Furnishing your new flat in Mitcham –

Aside from the teeth-pulling conversations with energy companies and all the tedious comparison quotes, moving house is always an exciting time! A new home to turn into the perfect nest, a new area of side-streets to explore and a new chapter in your life to begin.




Living in Mitcham 6.12.2018

– Mitcham: A weekend itinerary –

Moving to a new district of London can be a bit daunting if you don’t know the area, but it shouldn’t be if you do a little research! It is always a good idea to test the water before you dive in head first!



Living in Catford 5.10.2018

– Catford: A Proper Community

London is one of those odd places that often feels over-crowded and yet lonely. Which is why it is so important (especially for young families) to find a place which can still retain that community vibe.



Drone film footage 27.09.2018

– Drone film of project developments at Mitcham & Catford

Check out our latest drone film footage of our developments at Cricketers’ House, Mitcham and George Lane, Catford.







Primary Schools in Catford 23.01.2019

-Primary Schools in Catford –

Catford is an area which has recently appeared on the map for young families. With affordable housing, a strong, local community and plenty of shops, cafes and restaurants, Catford is an ideal location for a family to set up camp!




Living in Catford 26.11.2018

– 8 Ways to meet new people in Catford –

So you’ve taken the plunge and moved to a brand new town. It can be a bit intimidating integrating into a new community, especially if you’re a little shy. However Catford is a great town with a lot of community involvement and many ways to make new friends. There is so much to choose from, from pub quizzes to life drawing clubs! Here’s a few ideas to start you off:




Living in Mitcham 3.10.2018

– Autumn in Mitcham –

Mitcham is one of those little gems that happens to be close enough to central London (around half an hour commute) and just far out enough that it still feels like a quaint, rural town.



Living in Mitcham 23.09.2018

– Exploring The Green Side of Mitcham

A hard to find balance

Mitcham is fast becoming an ideal spot for young families. There are not many districts that strike the perfect balance between a leafy suburb and a close proximity to London…