CEO’s Profile


Engin ErtosunBetter solutions, superior design, key partnerships and a stable financial basis are the values on which Guildmore is founded.

“The Poplar Baths project is a significant investment for London and will boost employment and growth in the borough. I am delighted that Tower Hamlets have invested in the local community and providing homes, jobs and leisure facilities to young and old in the area”. Engin Ertosun, Chief Executive Chairman, Guildmore Ltd.

Engin Ertosun became Managing Director of Guildmore in 2001. Through his commitment to the fundamental principles of business, finance and construction, Engin has led Guildmore to diversify into commercial, residential and new build sectors and is now Chief Executive Chairman.

Driven by a passion to create better places for people to live.

Engin has one aim – to create more opportunities and more homes at a level of quality that places Guildmore above the rest.

By managing development risk, project financing, asset management and operations with both partners and the project supply chain, he has built an enviable reputation in construction enterprises.

Today Engin leads Guildmore in urban regeneration projects across London and the South East. His knowledge, experience and proven track record, with over 20 years of experience in the market, provide an unrivalled ability to deliver new homes and communities.

Long lasting quality inside and outside the organisation.

Within the organisation, Engin invests in top-level staff and training. He personally drives a company initiative to raise money for community charities each year.

Above all, it’s his insistence on longer lasting quality that makes Guildmore a recognised leader for innovation and investments.