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Proud to be a successful, family owned, UK design and build London construction company, we’ve founded our success on our ability to be a listening organisation. As a family based firm, we’re committed to working in partnership and understanding people’s needs. Guildmore is an integrated contracting and property development company with experience in design, construction and long-term operation of residential and public buildings.

Public & Private sectors

Our experience in the design and construction of quality housing spans from luxury, bespoke detached homes to multi-unit inner city developments to serve both public and private sectors. All designed for modern living and constructed to the highest quality, making the most challenging urban sites into spaces for new communities to thrive.


The supply of affordable, high quality housing is one of the greatest challenges facing London today. The Guildmore approach, where we work as development partners with local authorities and housing associations, is a model which combines our skills in design and construction with individual expertise in long term operation and management of residential property.

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Dame Colet

We develop buildings that cater for a wide range of social and business requirements. That’s why we offer a wide range of services to cover the requirements of each individual construction project.

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Ertosun House

Architects love innovation – and so do we. As an enterprise led construction organisation, our passion is to set a new standard of excellence across every aspect of our project management.

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London Construction Company

At Guildmore, we go the extra mile to provide all the major accreditations necessary to comply with current health and safety records and standards, as well as many government, environment and industry approved accreditation schemes. Find out more



Poplar Baths
Dame Colet

We have been involved in many renovation and refurbishment projects throughout the UK and we understand the importance of seamless teamwork. Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients to ensure that projects are delivered safely and to plan. We insist on high quality and value for money.