Why sell to Guildmore?

We undertake such a high level of due diligence that we will only bid on sites for which we are confident successfully obtaining planning permission. As a result of this, the price offered is the price paid – every time – guaranteed.

7 Reasons Why:

  1. Our ability to manage all types of development risk, including planning, technical, contamination and legal
  2. We undertake all due diligence pre-offer
  3. Experience in exchange contracts with speed and efficiency
  4. We Stand by every offer we make
  5. Our substantial financial resources
  6. No lengthy board approval process
  7. An In-house team of specialists which include:
  • Architect’s practice
  • Technical team
  • Finance team
  • Acquisition and Development team

Our developments work best as joint ventures or a form of partnership. We always treat our partners as clients and seek to meet their needs and our flexible approach makes us the perfect development partner. Our partners cover a wide variety of backgrounds, from introducers, local authorities, landowners, housing associations, banks, and private funding.


Contact Alex Cunningham:
Land Buyer

T 02083135050

M 07773 489 185

E alex.cunningham@guildmore.com