Land Acquisition Process

Read through our process carefully to understand how we work with you all the way. We:

  1. Undertake a preliminary site visit
  2. Meet with you to discuss the development potential of your land
  3. Carry out a feasibility study to justify the submission of a planning application
  4. Make you a financial offer – generally over and above the market value of your plot
  5. If you accept our offer, we enter into a contract together
  6. Proceed to project-manag ethe entire preparation and submission of the planning application for your land
  7. Appoint and manage specialist consultants to help secure the planning permission
  8. May  arrange for certain surveys to be conducted eg.
  • arboricultural surveys
  • topographical site surveys
  • acoustic surveys
  • soil tests

9. Appoint consultants who guarantee minimum disruption to the landowner

10. Cover all the costs relating to the planning application and eliminate all liability to the landowner. We never ask you to cover  these costs

11. Keep you informed of the progress made throughout the planning process

12. Notify you as soon as planning permission has been granted

13. Keep you aware when the acquisition takes place in the standard manner with a set exchange and completion date

14. If our proposals require the acquisition of your personal property, timings around moving dates can be flexible and we never demand unrealistic timescales. This gives you enough time to find alternative accommodation while being in a strong position as an imminent cash buyer.


Contact us

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Land Buyer

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