18951245_10154959235379331_5089603533335576242_nWe are very happy to help donate towards the reconstruction of homes in Peru due to a recent flood. You can help here too:


EVERY penny you donate will go directly to the Peru flood response project, not towards organisational overheads, so you can feel good knowing your money will have a strong impact.

Record rains caused $3bn worth of damage. For most Peruvians, this year’s floods have been the worst in living memory

Ten times the usual amount of rain has fallen on Peru’s coast, swelling rivers which caused widespread flooding, and triggering huge landslides which tore through shanty towns.

More than 100 people have died, nearly 158,000 are displaced and 210,000 homes are damaged, according to Peru’s emergency operations centre. The country’s infrastructure took a big hit: 260 bridges collapsed and nearly 3,000km of roads are unusable, cutting off hundreds of villages and towns.

Peru’s rainy season falls broadly in the first quarter of every year. It is also known as “landslide season”, but few can remember huaycos, as they are known in the local Quechua language, of such intensity and scale. As Peru’s weather service reported record rains in the north of the country in March, usually dry rivers turned into raging torrents – and never have so many people lived in their path.

“Hi there, I did get a donation today from Guildmore Ltd to my fundraising homepage for my volunteer project and just wanted to say thank you! It is very much appreciated and will go a long way here! We finished two rubble sites today where temp homes will be built for those affected by the flood. So thanks very much!! Greetings from Peru. “Rahel

You can see photos and videos of the devastating effects of the floods here. Please join us in doing all you can to help.


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