Living in Catford 26.11.2018

– 8 Ways to meet new people in Catford –

So you’ve taken the plunge and moved to a brand new town. It can be a bit intimidating integrating into a new community, especially if you’re a little shy. However Catford is a great town with a lot of community involvement and many ways to make new friends. There is so much to choose from, from pub quizzes to life drawing clubs! Here’s a few ideas to start you off:




Living in Mitcham 26.10.2018

–The Primary Schools of Mitcham

Photo credit: Metro

The South London suburb of Mitcham is increasingly becoming a popular area for young families to settle. With green spaces in abundance, quick routes to central London and reasonably priced housing, it’s a high contender for commuters who want a bit more for their money.




Living in Mitcham 27.09.2018

– Exploring The Green Side of Mitcham

A hard to find balance

Mitcham is fast becoming an ideal spot for young families. There are not many districts that strike the perfect balance between a leafy suburb and a close proximity to London…



Living in Catford

– The green places of Catford that your dog will love –

Unfortunately, moving to London often means it can be difficult to keep a dog – London is not known for its plethora of green spaces! But in Catford, it is a different story entirely. Catford is surrounded by parks and lush green landscapes that is a haven for dogs! If you live in Catford and you are lucky enough to own a pup, you have much to chose from. This is by no means an extensive list, but here are some of our favourite green spaces surrounding the area.



Living in Catford 5.10.2018

– Catford: A Proper Community

London is one of those odd places that often feels over-crowded and yet lonely. Which is why it is so important (especially for young families) to find a place which can still retain that community vibe.



Living in Mitcham

– Mitcham: A weekend itinerary –

Moving to a new district of London can be a bit daunting if you don’t know the area, but it shouldn’t be if you do a little research! It is always a good idea to test the water before you dive in head first!



Drone film footage 27.09.2018

– Drone film of project developments at Mitcham & Catford

Check out our latest drone film footage of our developments at Cricketers’ House, Mitcham and George Lane, Catford.